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- the crazy amateur astronomer
Hallo, thankyou for your interest about me

This is me

I was born in 1974 and I'm living in Cesena, Italy.

I received my first SLR camera on Christmas 1985: a Nikon FG-20 with Nikkor 50mm f/1.8. the cheapest camera from this japanese factory.
My favourite hobby until 2005 was walking everywhere, in my leisure time, wearing my Nikon on the neck. In 2003 I was amazed about astronomical software Starry Night, at my friend's PC.
For one year I rode constellations on my PC screen, sat at my desk chair.
In 2004 I decided to move from virtual to real sky so I made myself a precious present: a telescope! It was a Skywatcher 130eq2 newtonian telescope.
Immediatly I realized that this telescope was showing me exactly the stellar field that I was contemplating on PC, in my comfortable room.
My taking-picture passion was eager to begin shooting the new possible theme for my photos, but I really knew that my eq2 was too frail for stability and uncompromising stellar motion.
So I exchanged this mount for a vixen illuminated-reticle eyepiece, and I bought an eq5 mount.
I started from film-widefield pictures to digital-telescopic pictures buying a Losmandy G11 mount and Canon Eos 350D DSLR camera. I love widefield skies so I prefered to pull my socks up about shopping enjoying a lull loving my Takahashi FS-60c f/6.2 fluorite refractor telescope.
In my amateur stargazing club, in my own town, we got a 150mm f/6.7 refractor telescope for the rest of pictures (galaxies, for example).
When I'll can afford a Takahashi FSQ106, I will see my dream becoming true.
This flourite-refractor telescope is the final goal for every widefield-lovers, I think.

Don't forget to leave me a "ciao"!!

Giulia with her astrodaddy.
This is my daughter Giulia

A time-lapse video of myself and friends under a capricious night


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